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There is no future for any political concept that is not ecologically sustainable. The ecological crisis is a global phenomenon that must be dealt with on local and global level with the same intensity. In its offensive form, in order to transform everything into property and commodity, the capital patents life, takes possession of biodiversity, wants to impose GMO products and privatize, turn into commodity and control forest reserves and water.

To understand that the capitalist production and consumption logic functions as if it was its own objective is not enough. We have to overcome the barrier of the orthodox thinking, set out exclusively in the terms of the old victories of the labor class and its party, and to recognize that the ecological agenda imposes a new identification of actors on the social scene and in the composition of blocks of forces around the alliance laborer-farmer.

The ecosocialist network is formed by women and men who believe that the environment does not belong to individuals, groups or companies, not even to one species. People who fight so that each human being that exists on the Planet has the same rights to make use of the environmental and social elements that he needs - and in case these are being limited or insufficient, the division must be fair and must be planned. The division must never be defined by wars, competition or other forms of dispute. People who understand that humanity must limit and adjust its productive activities, respecting the other beings and life maintenance processes on the Planet.

Men and women who believe that ecosocialism is the accomplishment of socialism, free of the bureaucratic and centralizing mistakes of the so-called real socialism, and brought up to date in the context of the ecological crisis. We fight for a society free of exploration of people on other people, where work aims at liberation and not at alienation of the human being. A society moved by renewable energy sources, where the production makes completely use of used materials, without generating residues.

We fight for a Planet where the perpetual natural cycle of species extinction and renovation is maintained by natural rhythms and not any more by the destructive rhythm of the present days, in which many species perish with enormous rapidity due to the actions of humanity who is more and more alone on the Earth’s surface. We fight for a planet inhabited by species originated in the natural processes of creation and mutation, a process in which humanity inserts.

We want a society in which all beings have basic right to their territory, a space to live on the Earth’s surface, and in which the environmental space is not object of real estate speculation or a tool of domination and exclusion. Where land is for who works and lives on it, in the countryside and in the city. And we mean sustainable cities.

A society where people are conscientious that all production uses environmental elements, social knowledge and structures. And that, therefore, part of production is of social property and every person has the right to access the results of the social production that enables to live in worthy conditions.

A society that does not accept social and environmental risks. That understands that the inexistence of proves to demonstrate that a technology is dangerous is not enough to accept it. In general, when an innovation is born, we do not know about the risks yet. Much on the contrary, it is necessary that technology proves to be safe and to be transformable into a tool of social and environmental improvement for society, with respect to the existing tool.

We fight for a time where social diversity is fruit of free determination of people and of peoples. The cultural, ethnic and racial differences, such as the differences with respect to gender and sexual option, must never be a tool to negate equality of social rights.

The Ecosocialist Network is formed by persons who dedicate their lives to defend life, against barbarity and for peace on the Planet.

Porto Alegre, III World Social Forum, 27 January 2003.

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