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This is our Park! There is no Bompreço Buying Nature! Realized in Fortaleza, in the year 2000. Consisted in preventing that the 10th Military Region was sold to the Bompreço Supermarket. We defend, in case the army withdraws from the area, that it should be transformed into a public park.

· In Defense of the Park - Campaign that blocked the installation of a driving school in the Adahil Barreto Park (Cocô Park).

· Against the Pecem Port Complex - Campaign against the installation of a Port in the Region of Pecem, in reason of its negative impacts on local populations and the environment.

· For a Ceara Free of GMO - Permanent campaign against GMO liberation and their presence in our State.

· Against the Fare and Event Center on Iracema Beach - Permanent campaign against the installation of the Fare and Event Center on Iracema Beach, in reason of its huge impact on the city and the environment.

· Save the Pacoti River - The Last Clean River in Fortaleza - Campaign, started in 1997, against the real estate speculation in the area of the Pacoti River, which ended in creating an APA (Environmental Protection Area), situated in the municipalities of Fortaleza, Aquiraz and Euzebio. With the new intervention of the speculators, the campaign returns with the mission to protect the river.

· Clean Energy for Ceara - Information campaign about the negative impacts of the thermoelectric power plants on human health and on the environment.

· Shrimps Cultivation - Support of the Forum in Defense of the Coast Area Campaign against the shrimp cultivation in captivity on the coasts of Ceara.

· Against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) - Campaign against the implementation of the FTAA in Brazil, which would mean a serious attack on national sovereignty, the interests of local and traditional populations and the environment.

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