Informativo Terrazul Ano I Número I - English Version

Thursday 21 July 2005 by Zacharias Bezerra de Oliveira


After some months of preparation, with accomplishment of Workshops of Sensitization happened in different quarters of Fortaleza; with representatives of Youth Terrazul, Movement of the Boys and Girls of the Streets and pupils of the course of Technology of the Environment of the Cefet; of the region metropolitan of Fortaleza; of the Bulk of the Baturité; of the Central Hinterland; of the Region North; of Region of the Mountain range; of the Region South Center; of Region of the Cariri and the Inhamuns, it happened, from 20th till 22nd of last May, in the SESC of Iparana, Ceará, the I Meeting of Conscientious Consumers of Ceará.

It is with much joy that we launch our quarterly news INFORMATIVO TERRAZUL, which will be at service of the propagation of the Conscientious Consumers League and of the construction of a solidarity society, participative and environmently sustainable.

Informativo Terrazul - English Version
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